Weekend adventure part 1: Fort ord and CSUMB

Official geocache, do not remove!

Many geocaches will have this sicker plastered on to inform the "muggles" of what this strange container is.

Last friday, after the husband got home, he took me out for a little geocaching adventure. Time limit: Until sundown (about an hour and a half or so). So off we went, searching for more geocaches around home. By the way, CSUMB is California State University, Monterey Bay.

Note: Due to various reason, I usually won’t state the geocode or name of a particular geocache, as that would make a few of them far too easy.

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Pancit: Filipino party food

Growing up in the Philippines meant that I got to experience my favorite part of a given culture firsthand: the food. Whenever there’s a party or a fiesta or something, there would ALWAYS be a mountain of food for waiting guests — it was tradition. And the hosts would always make sure there was enough food for all, because the general rule for inviting someone over is that you can expect them to bring two or three guests, which is fine, as Filipinos love to mingle. And because there was so much extra food, friends would be sent home with plates full of the left overs, a tradition which carries over to Filipinos living in America too (so if there’s a Filipino party at your house and you really want a certain food there, make sure you get some or set some aside for yourself, because chances are, there won’t be any left afterward!).

Of course, at a Filipino party, you can’t go without one of the most traditional party foods: Pancit. Made with tasty strands of long rice vermicelli noodles to represent long life, pancit is easy too cook, tastes great, and is nice and filling. Thankfully, it’s also not very expensive to make, and doesn’t take very long to make.

This recipe is meant for smaller amounts, when you want to make some for a family meal or a snack for friends.

Note: You will NEED a Wok for this. Preferably a big one. When I asked my mom how to make this, her first question was “Do you have a big wok?”

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Mini trip: Pfeiffer beach.

Yesterday, we had a few hours to spare between errands, so the husband, wanting to drive after his car being out of commission for a while, wanted to go on a tiny road trip. Destination? Pfeiffer beach, Big Sur. The beach with strong riptides that draws its fame for having “mysterious” purple volcanic sand. Of course, this is the type of thing that speaks louder through pictures, so I took plenty. Enjoy.

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Geocaching and abandoned buildings.

It’s the weekend, which means more Geocaching adventures!

Geocaching label

The husband and I had a few spare hours before his V:tM game, so we went for a little drive to pick up a few geocaches.

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Short story: “In darkness”

Due to various circumstances, I am again unable to go out and bike or geocache or whatever, so I’ve been finishing up games that I never finished, like Earthbound and Ar Tonelico 2. I’ve also been participating in a Writing Challenge on /ggFTW, so once again, another random short fic that I wrote, with the prompt word “Candles.” I honestly have no clue how I managed this from the word candle, but whatever.

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Short story: City sky

Sometimes, adventure is not whats around you, but what’s inside you. Venturing into your own imagination is ad adventure to. Occasionally, I’ll post up short stories and such. This is one such entry.

This story, in particular, was made for a writing challenge on my favorite gaming forum, /ggFTW. Feel free to sign up and join if you want.


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Geocaching – the modern day treasure hunt

cute little lizard

Oh wow. I hate internet troubles.

I was meaning to update this blog some time in the past week but my computer just did not want to let me get on at all. I have to type it up on my computer, save as a text file, transfer to my phone, then upload. I hate the fact that I just cannot access htpps pages at all, and that’s been preventing me from even messing with my profile layout.

But moving on, I’ll get to the interesting stuff now.

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A weekend with the husband

Thought I’d go ahead and update what happened this weekend, so here it is.

My husband usually runs tabletop RPGs on the weekends with his military buddies, but this weekend, he canceled the games to han out with me and just have fun. Though we spent a large partof the day lounging around and playing video games, he did agree to take me to some of the local Geocaches out in the abandoned buildings.

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Hello world!

Decided to keep the original default title as it makes me smile from programming humor.

Moving along, I am Mitchi, a rather introverted girl with a lot on her mind. I’ve always been really unmotivated, but I’ve decided I want to make a blog, maybe let off some steam or such. Problem is I have nothing to blog about.

Solution: Make things to blog about.

So I’ve decided, everyday I’ll yet to do at least one thing that’s blog worthy.

On another note, I’ll mostly be logging this from my phone, as a normal internet connection is currently unpossible.

And so begins my adventures. Nifty.

the beach


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