Short story: City sky

Sometimes, adventure is not whats around you, but what’s inside you. Venturing into your own imagination is ad adventure to. Occasionally, I’ll post up short stories and such. This is one such entry.

This story, in particular, was made for a writing challenge on my favorite gaming forum, /ggFTW. Feel free to sign up and join if you want.



City Sky
by: Amy Knotts

She stared up, into the faint gray of the sky.

Nothing, not even the smallest speck of light. She squinted, hoping to at least make out something.

“This sucks!” She exclaimed, falling back into her seat “You said you’d teach me the constellations.”

“I will, but not from here.” her companion said, chuckling. His fingers continued their tap dance across his keyboard, the clickety-clack a soundtrack to her frustrated attempts at stargazing.

“What do you mean, not from here? There’s a sky, and it’s night. What’s the damn problem?” She asked, frustrated.

“The problem, my dear, is that you are a born and raised city girl.”

“What does that have to do with these nonexistent stars?”

“Everything. The stars don’t exist in your world because you’ve never seen them. Too much light pollution, so of course you’d think that stars are a myth.” He muttered, continuing his typing on his beaten up laptop.

“What was that?” She asked, annoyed by what seemed to be back talk.

“Nothing. You’ll see.”


A week passed by and there were no further attempts at stargazing. She had gotten sick of looking at the dim sheet that covered their city like an old tarp. She had seen pictures, read books, and even seen in movies the stars she’d longed for. The very idea of it was romantic and majestic, but something she had never known. Her friend’s “city girl” comment bothered her. What difference did it make that she had never left the forest of skyscrapers? It’s not like it mattered, after all, this was a major city, you could find nearly anything you could ever want within it’s boundries.

So why then, had she never see the stars?

It was evening, the sun was beginning to set and the millions of flickering lights were coming to life, illuminating the streets and buildings. This was an evening sight that always comforted her, it was something she couldn’t live without. But this evening carried one distinct difference: she wasn’t anywhere near it.

She sighed and rested her head on her seat and looked out the window, watching the scenery pass by.

“Mind telling me why you dragged me out here to the middle of nowhere?” she asked, her face turned away from the driver of the vehicle.

“I asked if you were free tonight, you said yes, we made plans to have fun. That sort of thing.”

“Yes, but I thought you meant we’d catch a movie or go to a club or something, not drive around aimlessly while it gets dark out. Hell, you know I don’t have very good night vision.”

“Trust me, you won’t need good night vision for this.”

She rolled her eyes and continued to gaze out the window. “You’re not some murderous serial killer or something are you? I mean, I thought I knew you, but this is just weird.”

“Quiet, you.” he said, continuing down the road.

She sighed. This was going to be one of the most boring nights of her life.


She was jolted awake but a gentle nudge on her shoulder.

“Up and at em, sunshine, we’re here.”

She rubbed her eyes and unhooked her seatbelt, mubmling about being in the middle of nowhere. Before she could fully get her bearings, she felt someone take her hand and tug her along, down a dirt path through some tall grass. She found herself suddenly alert, the smell of nature assaulting her senses, bringing her out of her sleep trance and into a new, more peaceful one.

“There. Look up.”

She tilted her head back and felt her jaw drop. There, above her, was the most stunning display of lightsshe had ever seen. Each twinkling speck seemed to dance and sparkle with life. The sky was a beautiful velvet blue curtain, a fitting backdrop for the spray of jewels that littered the heavens.


“I figured you’ve never been camping or anything, hell, you seem like you’ve never left the city. I wanted to show you what real stars looked like, so you didn’t have to live your life only seeing pictures of them.”

“It’s like all the city lights, but more….well…more. It’s so pretty…so…amazing…”

Her companion smiled.

“That’s not all. Keep looking.”

She hadn’t taken her eyes off the gorgeous sky, amazed by the sight. Her eyes struggled to take in all of it, the patterns, the glows, the way they…moved?

“What was…”

“It’s starting!”

It was amazing and majestic. While some of the stars danced and sparkled, a few would every now and then leap across the sky, a silvery trail behind them.

There were so many, flying across the blue canvas.

“How are the stars?”

She had no answer.


On the ride home, he had explained to her what a meteor shower was, with all the little scientific intricacies that only an astronomy nerd would know. Normally, she’d brush him off, saying she knew what it was, but this time, she was too fixated on the sky that she could see out her window to bother with formulating a smartass remark.

When the night ended, and a new week began, she was antsy. She was enthralled by what she had seen, and frustrated by the fact that she just couldn’t see it from her home. Seconds ticked by like hours and days dragged on, until finally, her calender had reached the day most people consider to be their favorite.

“Hey, wanna join us? We’re going out for drinks after work.” her co-worker asked, sensing her upbeat energy.

“Nah, I have plans” she said with a grin.

After all, he still needed to show her those constellations.



Yeah, I haven’t written in a while.zzzz


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