Short story: “In darkness”

Due to various circumstances, I am again unable to go out and bike or geocache or whatever, so I’ve been finishing up games that I never finished, like Earthbound and Ar Tonelico 2. I’ve also been participating in a Writing Challenge on /ggFTW, so once again, another random short fic that I wrote, with the prompt word “Candles.” I honestly have no clue how I managed this from the word candle, but whatever.


In Darkness
by: Amy Knotts

There was no sound.

Lilac tiptoed through the musty corridor, feeling her way along the walls, her fingers brushing against the moldy, crumbly stone. She was barefoot. This helped her to feel things in this inky blackness down in the bowels of the earth.

There was no light.

She wanted to sigh, but held her breath. The stench was suffocating, like a million rats that had formed their own twisted suicide cult, all meeting their demise at the same time, as if to spite the humans. This smell wafted up to the streets, but was faint up on the surface, where the fresh air circulated. Here, it was the air, potent and foul and dizzying.

There was no motion.

The air was stiff and heavy and thick, and the only thing that didn’t feel like pure, concentrated death was the small, fragile girl silently making her way down this abysmal catacomb. There were’t even any pebbles or roaches underfoot, nothing beneath her feet but the unnaturally smooth dirt.

There was no life.

All around her was the uneasy feel of fresh death, the kind fo feeling that made one’s hair stand on end and made one’s skin crawl. She kep going, down the empty corridor, her hand along the wall and her feet feelign the smooth, soft ground.

There was a door.

Lilac knew it was here, this is what she had been searching for. She wanted so much to turn back, to run and quickly flee to the surface where there was breathable air and sunlight and small birds singing, but she pressed on, determined to find the only thing that existed in this tunnel other than the smell of rotting rodents.

There was a door.

She felt beneath her fingers something that wasn’t made of stone. it was a wooden door, damp and squishy, as if it were deteriorating. She felt round until she found the large brass ring that would open the massive, ancient door, a door that was once oak, but now was some indescribable, foul, old rotting wood. She graped it in her tiny hands and pulled.

There was light.

She looked around, her eyes suddenly adjusting to the dim oil lamp, a light which so glaringly contrasted against the pitch black of the tunnel that it almost seemed as bright as daylight itself. She glanced at the large, old desk, a relic of time iself, which stood down here as testament to the fact that once, this corridor was not just a haven for death and decay and darkness.

There was motion.

An aging man sat nearly motionless behind the desk, the only thing revealing that he was still alive was the faint movement of his hand as he scribbled something down on old parchment, the fluffy white feather of his quill pen swayying and bouncing along. He did not notice the girl, he did not see that he was no longer the only being down in this ancient tomb.

There was no sound.

Lilac tiptoed through the room, her tiny feet making no noise as she neared the elder man.

There was no sound.

She walked around the massive desk, her tiny fingers wrapped around a cold, metallic object.

There was no escape.

The small girl raised her arm up high and jabbed a knife into the old man’s back, his blood flowing black in the bleak darkness. No one would know, no one would hear, no one would ever notice one less life in this world. The old man barely felt the wound, as he was only barely holding on to a wretched existance of emptyness and darkness, alone and forgotten in this ancient cavern. He once had thought of returning to the suface, but now, he would never have to ever again.

There was nothing.



Outdoor adventuring will hopefully resume this weekend.

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